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Vehicle GPS navigation devices from reputable manufacturers with years of innovations. Tested on road research come at premium prices but do not compromise on quality.

Frustration free backed by superb customer service. We have renowned brands such as Garmin.Together with the reputable brands we shall avail options available in the market.


New entrants that received favorable reviews. New versions of popular models released. Our guiding principles are smart devices and quality.

In case of a faulty device make a replacement. Or get refund from Amazon within the stipulated return window period.

  1. Garmin Drive 60 USA + CAN LM GPS Navigator

This Garmin drive vehicle GPS model can stand up to any brand. Does not disappoint with its advanced driver assist features. It combines a pleasurable ride with relatively safe drive.

From spoken turn by turn direction. To drive situational alerts. Be aware of your surrounding and what’s up ahead.

Find millions of restaurants, store popular restrooms and more with foursquare points of interest incorporated data. On the display screen statistical data of car speed, Current Street, speed limits and much more are shown.

Retail Reserve Price $149.99

  1. TomTom VIA 1535TM 5 Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator

The TomTom vehicle GPS comes packed with advanced driver assist features. That will rival any brand in the market. You have a Wi-Fi enabled hands free calling. Safe driving while on the road.

A pleasurable drive partner. Spoken voice commands and navigation to pinpoint hard to reach addresses.

Lifetime free map updates is welcome. Where new roads are continuously being built. TomTom unique gem of IQ Routes huge built in data base. Makes it a front-runner in fastest route. Accurate arrival time’s data service.

Price $110.00

  1. HighSound GPS Navigation Car 7 Inch

This is a recently released model. Modest price could mislead one to believe it is limited in features and functionality. Packs free lifetime map updates through downloadable website.

Through driver alerts you are made aware of upcoming speed cameras. Sharp curves, warned of school zones, fatigue and much more.

The 7 inch screen doubles up as a vehicle GPS and entertainment device. When you want to rest while on the road. You can watch movies, games. Relax listening to music and much more.

Retail Reserve Price $67.55

  1. Xgody Car Truck GPS Navigation 886 Support Bluetooth 7”

Dual functionality of a vehicle GPS plus entertainment video display devise. Makes the Xgody unit an attractive tool for drivers while on the road. More features achieved by Bluetooth. Pairing to a compatible smartphone. You are able to enjoy a hands free drive.

Safer ride because of the Wi-Fi connectivity. Call and receive calls with hands on the wheel.Its versatility includes AV-IN port for rear view back up camera and other devices.

Gives you ease of driving with spoken turn by turn direction navigation. Driver alerts of upcoming red lights and traffic lights on its capacitive 7 inch touchscreen.

Retail Reserve Price $59.99

  1. Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPS

One of the many models from the world renowned manufacturer of quality Garmin brand. Though priced competitively. Packs smart advanced driver assist features expected of Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPS.

You get daily commuter drive alerts. You are aware of your surroundings and upcoming events on the road. Driver is alerted of approaching sharp curves. Speed cameras, limits, warned of school zones, fatigue and traffic jams ahead.

Find millions of shops, restrooms and more. From pre-loaded integrated foursquare data. Real-time responsive vehicle GPS navigation. Locates an address within a location. Such as malls and airports effortlessly.

Retail Reserve Price $95.85

  1. TomTom GO 600

With the TomTom GO 600 you get a 6 inch capacitive touchscreen. Allows you to zoom in out of maps on display device. Intelligent driving where you chose route from pre-loaded IQ Routes data.

Fastest route and expected arrival time provided. View explicit 3D landmarks. Buildings for ease of navigation while on the road. You have dependable real-time world class traffic info.

Avoid upcoming jams by connecting vehicle GPS to a compatible smartphone. Note data usage applies. Have your GPS device registered. Receive notifications of regular recommended PND updates.

Retail Reserve Price $199.99

  1. Junsun 7 Inch Car GPS Navigation Bluetooth

Get a bundle the Junsun 7 inch touchscreen GPS device and rear view back up camera. Navigate through complex highway interchanges. Using Junsun’s detailed up to date maps on its LCD display. Included are permanent free lifetime maps.

Use vehicle GPS interface to find addresses and points of interest along the way.You can relax by listening to music or watching a movie. Through the multi-function GPS device.

From the AV-IN ports have your back up camera connected. Which is part of the Junsun bundle together with cable. Charger, cup mount, back clip and user manual. Bluetooth enabled accords hands free calls for safer ride.

Switch automatically to back-up camera. When in reverse gear with the HD square waterproof rear-view lens plate camera on GPS display unit.

Retail Reserve Price $55.69

  1. Car GPS Navigation 7 Inch HD Voice Prompt

This is a versatile vehicle GPS devise. Can be used on vehicles, bicycles by pedestrians and more. It has a responsive 7 inch capacitive touchscreen display unit.

The multi-function unit apart from navigation also supports music. Video, games and much more. Receive voice prompt driver alerts of approaching sharp curves.

Speeds and street names for ease of driving. Email customer service to get free lifetime map updates. Downloadable maps of several countries.

Though relatively new to the market has received favorable reviews

Retail Reserve Price $64.99

  1. Garmin nuvi 2789 LMT 7-Inch Portable GPS

A 7 inch dual orientation zoom glass vehicle GPS navigation device. With advanced driver features and smart upgrades. Enjoy lifetime detailed maps update. Inclusion of new roads and business addresses info.

Once you activate the vehicle GPS voice navigation. Get spoken directions with hands firmly on the wheel. See and find places like shops. Food, gas stations on the GPS without leaving the map.

The Garmin nuvi guides you by voice prompts. On screen active arrows on correct lane and maneuvers to take. Find millions of places like stores. Restrooms and malls with foursquare integrated data.

Get more services such as live weather radar. By linking compatible smartphone. Bluetooth wireless connectivity ensures safer hands free call drive. Note some services are paid for.

The Garmin nuvi offers options of a rear-view camera. Purchase the BC 30 wireless back-up camera and connect it.

Retail Reserve Price $414.95

  1. Garmin Driveluxe 50NA LMTHD GPS Navigation System

Get daily alerts of approaching sharp curves. Animal crossing, railroad crossings and upcoming traffic jams as you commute. Drive safely by activating voice control feature of the vehicle GPS.

Hands free driving. Navigate easily through spoken turn by turn direction and recognizable landmarks. Be aware of surroundings with onscreen notifications.

Voice prompts allowing you to concentrate on driving. Bluetooth enabled connectivity accords hands free calls driving. Real-time weather and traffic conditions information.

Retail Reserve Price $239.95