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Tracker Devices

tracker devices

Tracker devices are tools that help us locate items which either we have misplaced or lost them. There is no limit of valuables we wish to keep track of from key holders, remote control, and luggage bags to laptops, the list is endless. We use the same tracker devices to monitor our pets and animals within and around our homes.

Some devices have advanced features incorporated such as pet training alerts, prompts for improved behavioral change. For our loved ones we use the trackers to find them in case they lose their way. We monitor our children to and from school to ensure their safety. In case of an emergency the device can be extremely handy diffusing a potentially dangerous situation by assisting us locate and find our loved ones in real-time.

Most tracker devices use the two way system pairing the devise to a smartphone. Within the two way system we have the GPS and non GPS systems. Most GPS systems use cellphone towers to communicate and data will be used which attracts costs while non GPS does not use data they are limited since they operate only within a given range averaging 25 meters.

  1. Tuckiy Pet Tracker

This is not a GPS tracker device but more of an activity tracker. To monitor your pet on a daily basis for their health status. To find your pet when outdoors activate the anti-lost feature in your mobile app.

It will alert you in case your pet strays out of range. Since its waterproof you can use it under any weather conditions. Pets are normally hyper active.

Take a keen interest and when you notice irregular activity like loss of appetite. Lying about consult a vet as it could be a sign of sickness. Detect the mood. Monitor the activity of your pets is what Tuokiy Pet Tracker does for you.

Price $29.99

  1. BEBONCOOL TITI Bluetooth key finder.

In our first paced life we on many occasions lose sight of our valuables during our daily routine at home or work from car keys, remote controls, cellphones, and cameras to wallets and much more.

Use the BEBONCOOL TITI Bluetooth enabled app to find your items. By activating devise that is attached to your valuables. Its operating range is between 20 to 50 meters without obstacles in-between

In case you are not in range the options available is to open and view the last location of your items. Simple to use stick the device on your valuables and keep track of them around the clock.

Price $ 13.99

  1. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker 3G

Keep track of your pets, animals. loved ones, kids and elderly by using the 3G GPS tracker devices. Monitor your pets’ location in real-time using the mobile app’s map that is continuously updated every 2-3 seconds.

Through its advanced features get alerts when your pet strays across your set virtual fence parameters.Trace the history of your pets’ movement from its current position to where it was before.

Only downside is subscription for use of the service as it uses cellphone towers. To communicate GPS location which attract fees. The positive aspect  they have different monthly or annual flat rate fees. Starting as low as $5 per month.

Tractive GPS 3G tracker devices gives good value for money considering that it enables you keep track of your pets 24/7 in any weather condition.

Price $67.48

  1. Bluetooth Tracker, Find keys, Wallet, Pet Dog Tracer GPS

A versatile 2 way tracking system. Pairing devise to smartphones downloadable free iPhone or android app. The devise is attached on your valuables.

Get real-time alerts via ring or vibration when getting out of range. It’s capable of locating lost items within the range of 25 meters.

Attach devise to most of your items and worry less of losing or misplacing them.

Price $13.99