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Portable GPS

portable gps

Portable GPS

Portable GPS are hand held or wrist worn navigational gadgets. When you feel lethargic, searching for inspiration. That elusive spark to ignite your great ideas. It is time to leave it all behind. Step into the unknown. Being one with nature. The surest way of reigniting your resolve.

Discover and find meaning which can be achieved with a trip into the wide wild backyards. Reconnect with nature. While out in the open skies. You want to venture out in confidence. Portable GPS devices become an invaluable gadget to carry along with you.

Portable GPS navigation devices are either handheld or wrist gadgets. For sport lovers and trekkers alike. As a golf player you want to have your bearings correct.

While the trekker finds his way around in the wild. Or commuting the streets of mega cities. These devices enable us enjoy and follow our passions to the fullest.


This is a GPS device used by professionals. To measure distance and area using GPS technology. The Beidou Beva GLONASS GPS features price setting. Total fare by calculating circumference, area and length to charge the applicable fees.

A versatile gadget for Municipalities. Public Works, mining, forestry, real estate and land surveying. Agriculturists, nautical, planning among other professions.

Available in four different unit measures M Squared, Sq. Ft., Acre and Square Hectare. Has a 3.7 Volts 2200mAh battery that works for 12 hours under brightness default.

Setting in manual or auto choice. Measure with the 2.4 inch LCD display.

Retail Reserve Price. $79.99

Garmin GPSMAP 64’s Worldwide

Garmin 64’s is a handy GPS device for hikers trekkers to carry along the wild explorations. Has worldwide pre-loaded Geocaches that can be upgraded with TOPO US 24K, BlueChart g2, City Navigator NT.

BirdsEye Satellite and Garm additional maps. Pair your iPhone 4s and later to the Garmin 64’s Bluetooth wireless. Connect with friends’ family sharing your way-points. Tracks and geocaches over compatible devices.

Precisely get your position while in the wild or mega cities. In the forest or among skyscrapers. The Garmin 64’s arrives with ANT plus Bluetooth technology. On a 2.6 inch sunlight readable color screen.

Retail Reserve Price. $205.87

Suunto Traverse Hikers GPS Navigation Wristwatch

Enjoy the wilds with the Suunto Traverse in confidence. With the possibility of retracing your steps in case you need to. Explore the countryside for four days. Without losing your position backed by Suunto Traverse 100 hour’s battery life.

Has a lithium ion battery, sapphire lens. Features especially suited for hiking and trekking. Plan your trips chosen track guided by Topographic maps. Use Suunto’s integrated GPS and GLONASS navigation. Before embarking on your sojourn.

Stay a step ahead prepared with sunset/sunrise alerts. Approaching storm alarms. A pricey practical, simple and light. Easy to wear. Smart hand GPS navigation wristwatch for the backyards enthusiast.

Retail Reserve Price. $349.00

Delorme AG-008727-201 InReach Explorer

A handy GPS device to have and comfort for the “daredevils”. Exploring the wild, voyaging open seas. Or paragliding in the skies of the expansive Canyon ranges. Pinpoint your position with GPS coordinates. Elevation and speed. Sharing them with family and friends.

In scheduled programmed 10 minutes to 4 hours tracking intervals. Clincher is capability of SOS communication in face of an emergency. With Delorme GEOS rescue monitoring center. Gives you the courage to venture explorations into the unknown in full confidence.

Rest assured of no gaps in connectivity and coverage globally. With inReach Delorme’s use of Iridium satellite network GPS navigation 24/7 worldwide coverage. 1.8 inch screen size and average battery life of 100 hours. When fully charged has you covered for four days.

The downside you have to subscribe for a paid monthly to annual package. In varying fees tailored to your specific requirements. For you to enjoy the quality features and service. That comes with the Delorme inReach SE Satellite Tracker.

Retail Reserve Price. $249.99