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Boat GPS devices are extremely handy tools whether for commercial, hobby or sporting activities. Everybody loves to reap the fruits of his labor. Imagine hours at sea with little or nothing to show for your efforts.


Luck smiles on those who prepare for it and that’s where the Boat GPS devices come in.With advanced features installed in the devices. You are able to locate fish shoal, depths, and temperatures. Chart way route on your GPS display tool.


You literally have eyes to view beneath your boat. Removes guesswork, gives peace of mind. A sense of control for your sporting fishing expedition. These Boat GPS tools are great for those who love open seas. Spending hours to make that smart strike for the right catch.

  1. Garmin Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder.

Get to know what is beneath and around your boat with visible photogenic SONAR Chirp pictures on your GPS device. The advanced Garmin device allows you to chart a way to different fish shoal species viewed on the display.

Its superior technology enables you to make right decisions after considering boat speed type of net against the species for a successful catch.

The devise portability enables you to use the Garmin on boats out at sea. Kayak, Canoe or ice fishing. It’s available in options of 3.5, 5 and 7 inch display frame sizes.

Price $105.20

  1. Humminbird 410220-1 HELIX 5, CHIRP Di GPS G2 Fish Finder.

Remove the guesswork from your fishing with Humminbird’s GPS chart plotting and photographs spot locations of fish. View the sea bed contours and vegetation. Through its wide angled SONAR Chirp powerful clear photographs on the GPS display monitor.

Precision plotting through advanced dual beam chirp SONAR. Plus Humminbirds unique switchfire 2D feature. Gives you control of your fishing expedition.

Humminbird is setting standards by incorporating base maps from LakeMaster. NOAA’s current data to access accurate maps, navigational aids of entire US coastline and over 10,000 lakes. With this HELIX 5 series GPS you simply know where to fish. There is no data usage while charting your map in real-time.

Price $ 299.47

     3. Raymarine Dragonfly Pro CHIRP Fish Finder

This is a dual channel SONAR wide angle chirp downward visions of sea bed. One channel gives you views of the area such as sea bed contours, vegetation. While from the other you have targeted views of fish.

The Raymarine  Wi-Fi enabled device allows you to stream live SONAR data. Using Raymarine’s Wi-Fish mobile app. Record live your fishing expedition to rewind and view later.

The Raymarine  Dragonfly Pro comes options of 4”,5” and 7” inch display frame screens. Have Navonics plus charts of US and Canada coastline along with over 20,000 lakes. Bundled together is a transom mount with SONAR transducer that can measure temperature.

Price $250.97

  1. Humminbird 410210 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 Fish Finder.

The Humminbird 410210 dual beam chirp plus SONAR. Precision chart plotting cartography on 5 inch WVGA color display screen. Have options of saving your way points or maps with the micro SD card slot provided.

You can skirt an area and view instant results. Displayed on your GPS device of targeted spots for fishing. Use the base maps from LakeMaster. NOAA among others for spot-soundings and navigational aids.

Accurate maps of entire US coastline and more than 10,000 lakes to fish with confidence. Get 8 hours of recording time by Autochart live by all G2/G2N HELIX GPS enabled models. Creating customized detailed maps and your favorite fishing spots.

Price $ 264.00