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Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap | Last GPS Navigation, Tracking, Finding
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Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap

garmin 010-01900-00 echomap plus 92SV without transducer 9 inch

It is time to head out to sea for another sporting fishing expedition. Interested in the prize winning Barracuda? The sea before you is overwhelmingly miles upon miles of endless vast blue waters. Introducing the Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap.

Features Garmin Echomap Plus

Downs on you that you require an able co-fishing ‘partner’. The Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap Plus 92SV to locate your prize winning fish. See the fish under your boat in clear definition. Separate them using Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomaps CHIRP traditional sonar targeted view. Scan the sides and below your boat in photographic detailed sonar images.


See submerged objects and structure of sea bed. View boat side fish using Garmin CHIRP SideVü. See images below your boat on Garmin CHIRP ClearVü mode.


Use the Quickdraw contours software to quickly map your chart routes as you fish. Recording personalized rich fishing grounds. You can share with the Quickdraw community on Garmin Connect™ or retain it for keeps. Get a combo navigation device with Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap Plus 92SV.

It’s GPS capabilities increase twofold by pairing it to the free ActiveCaptain software. Purchase and download new charts from ActiveCaptain’s OneChart. Access information on the community’s points of interest. Receive marina smart notifications.


Out for sea sports racing? Use the Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap’s SailAssist feature. Will provide lay-lines and course over guidelines. Enhanced wind rose and heading. Gain a competitive edge with start time. Race timer and virtual starting line. Bonus lay-lines data on a pre-race guidance page. Race in full confidence. You have the race half won with necessary tools.


Optionally add the all-seeing Panoptix Sonar transducer sold separately. View your lure and bait below your boat. See movement of fish swimming in real time. The Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap Plus 92SV is a pricey navigational gadget. On a 9 inch bright sun readable touch screen display.

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