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Sports GPS

Garmin tactix Charlie

garmin tactix charlie

Garmin tactix Charlie Watch

A smart watch par excellence is the Garmin tactix Charlie. An all-round GPS tactical watch indoors-outdoors. Dual position GPS functionality feature directly on your wrist watch.

You can customize watch to your requirements. Connect smartphone for social sharing through emails alerts and texts. Has rugged design ready for any weather condition.

Titanium quality lightweight materials weatherproof up to 100 meters deep in water. Have altimeter, gyroscope and barometer measuring metrics. Sensors are built in tactix charlie for both GPS and GLONASS navigation.

Training Tracker

Tailor made unique personal training schedule upgradable to advanced Garmin Connect fitness workout programs. Compare progress of 7 day exercise against prior week’s training.

Thereby determining improvement, lapse or scale in physic toning. Break limits through new Garmin tactix Charlie measuring metrics.

More so as you are able to accurately estimate your power capabilities. Exact more where there is room to improve whilst not overreaching to avoid burnouts.

Design Garmin tactix Charlie

Best of the best you can adapt, upgrade and change appearance of your watch. At your disposal on Connect IQ store are free apps-widgets downloads. These apps give the tactix versatility to provide functionality and information.

Even so the apps are not limited to Garmin but extended to strategic developers.  Thereby extending services to Accuweather, Uber, Strava and so on.

Moreover you get flexibility to customize from office to outdoors. These enhancements enable you to adapt your watch for activities in any given place, time and task at hand.

Tactix Maps

Are you an outdoors fanatic? Then on your wrist you have a GPS and navigation device. You have a tactical GPS dual positioning smart watch. Record your way points in the field and position of campsite.

Moreover get to know the altitude while hiking with built-in altimeter. Never loose direction where there are no roads or landmarks. Maintain your bearing on the three axis digital compass. It is structured to account for tilts when getting your compass coordinates.

Track your position and chart routes in the pre-loaded color TOPO maps. Map routes from campsite, favorite hunting sports to vehicle parking bays. Know your hiking expedition’s air pressure through barometer reading measure metric.

Mobile Connected

Stay connected pairing your Garmin tactix Charlie to compatible smartphone. There by receiving alerts, emails, notifications in real time directly on your wrist watch. Chart with work colleges to sharing exploits on free Garmin Connect mobile application.

Compare against pre-loaded trails and share your newly discovered trails with the community. Though on a solo expedition family and friends can follow along as you post.

Health Monitor

There are three health aspects you can monitor on Garmin tactix Charlie. Track counting your steps while out strolling. Maintain a fitness walking regime on your watch. Custom walks for the elderly, professional executives to hyper active sports athletes.

Secondly monitor both quantity quality of your sleep. Track your sleeping habits to check whether you meet the very minimum for healthy sleep. Maintain a sleeping regime that ensures you wake up every morning energized and charged.

Thirdly monitor your heart rate with timely insights in rhythm changes. Be alert and aware of any heart rate variations. Get all statistics from Elevate wrist heart rate technology direct from tactix on your wrist.

Features Garmin tactix Charlie

Garmin tactix Charlie is made of quality titanium and steel materials. It supports both GPS GLONASS navigation. Have three point compass, gyroscope, barometer and altimeter metrics.

Dual position tactical excellent GPS, waypoint direction, programed tactical activities including jumpmaster. Has a bright sun readable sapphire 1.2” high resolution lens. Three battery life modes, 35 hours Ultra Trac mode, 12 days smart watch mode and 20 hours in GPS mode.

Switch to night vision goggle compatibility from daytime at dusk. What a paradox. Retailing high at about $749.99 size not withstanding coupled with infinite functionality.


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Boat GPS

Garmin Striker Plus 4


Garmin Striker Plus 4 GPS Dual – Beam Transducer

Garmin striker Plus 4 GPS fish finder. A 4.3 inch rugged constructed display unit. Boasts of Quickdraw contours and CHIRP Sonar advanced features.

CHIRP Sonar Images

See what is below your boat in clear Sonar images. Identify and separate target fish species. The striker plus 4 quality CHIRP technology zeroes in on detail. View greater depths and bottom contours in clarity.

Quickdraw Contours

Create HD fishing maps through Garmin Quickdraw Contours software. Generate the maps of shorelines and trolling’s of places you have been.

Striker Plus 4 GPS

Garmin striker GPS locates your position at sea on the go. Mark identified rich fishing sports that you can revisit. Chart your way routes and lake boat landing sites. Plan next fishing expedition easily pre-saved chart routes and resting sports.

Built For the Sea

Striker GPS unit is designed to tackle any sea situation. Garmin striker display is viewable under the brightest sunlight. Automatic night mode low light for night fishing. Store 2 million acres of fishing maps on 1’ contours.

Retail reserve price $139.99

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Vehicle GPS

Garmin Driveluxe 50NA LMTHD GPS

garmin driveluxe

Garmin Driveluxe GPS


Garmin Driveluxe 50NA LMTHD GPS navigation supports voice activation. Hands free driving. Navigate through streets by voice prompts. Free life-time maps updates of North America. Driver alerts when driving the wrong way.

 Notification of approaching curves, railway crossings, school zones. Be informed of upcoming traffic lights, halts of traffic jam.


Pair your smartphone to your Garmin Driveluxe. Enjoy hands free calling. Receive and make calls. Read text messages and alerts from the Display without reaching for your phone.

Spoken Navigation

Enjoy HD Digital Traffic with continuous updates. Voice activated use turn by turn spoken navigation. Intelligent feature gives status of traffic queries. Get details of current traffic situation.

Receive estimates of how long before your destination. View option’s available and fastest rout available. Has inbuilt Active lane guidance. Real-time colored navigation direction arrows on display screen.


Pair a BC 30 wireless backup camera. View the back as you reverse on display screen. Automatically reverse gear on screen display activation. See your kid’s backseat via babyCam on display screen without turning around. Monitor your children when you want from display menu.


Garmin Diveluxe 50NA LMTHD allows you to search on display menu. Find addresses and points of interest entering place query. You don’t know your way around? Place search; get options of routes to take or way out.

Retail Reserve Price $239.95

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Sports GPS

Garmin Xero Bow Sight

garmin xero bow sight A1i 3 led pins and laser target locate feature

The Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight is a digital bow range GPS gadget. Ideal for hunting with archers who have modest skills. It automatically calculates the target range and selects the LED pin to shoot for a successful strike. Bow hunting has been practiced through the ages. Holding a bow increases adrenaline evoking our basic instincts. Improves focused alertness as you tense moments before releasing your arrow shot. Bow hunting is more than just target shooting because in the course you learn how to track your prey most importantly locating it first and selecting best location from options provided by the hunting terrain. Practicing best posture position for taking your shot relative to the terrain. Bow hunting inculcates survival skills for the frequent archer practitioner.


  • With bows you always have to consider at what angle you will shoot from. Which depends on the terrain whether downhill, uphill or plain level ground. The Garmin Xero Bow Sight will calculate for you at what angle you will shoot. Providing the LED pin to shoot after calculating eliminating trial error shots.
  • The Garmin Xero ensures you have a level shot by canting LED pin indicators. The 3 LED pins which are separate from the aiming pins ought to be solid because whenever the upper or lower pin blinks then you have to respectively cant until the blinking stops for the level shot.
  • You will always pinpoint the position of your game after the shot using the built in Laser Locate feature. Once mounted on your bow and paired with compatible Garmin GPS will lead you to your target.


  • Before purchasing confirm it is right handed if you are a right handed archer. Most importantly so because the Garmin Xero Bow Sight has both the left and right hand models.
  • The retail entry price is quite high retailing at about $900. garmin-xero


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Sports GPS

Garmin 645

garmin 645 music training monitor smart wristwatch

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is a sport’s GPS Unit for runners. It monitors your training schedule giving you statistics of fitness progress. It is a monitoring GPS unit for both professional athlete and avid running enthusiast. Most importantly you can share your training exploits socially on free downloadable Garmin Connect App.

Features Garmin 645

  • Garmin premium members’ can download from a wide selection millions of music tracks found in Garmin’s library. Thereby playing your music offline when training.
  • Custom program your training schedule profiles from different disciplines. Allows training regimes in paddling, swimming, cycling, running and strength fitness from your Garmin forerunner.
  • The Garmin 645 music accords you easy con-tactless payments directly from the GPS watch’s Garmin Pay App. Giving you hustle free training without using your smartphone or wallet.
  • Having left your phone behind you can view social feeds on your devise. Reply to text messages and post your training progress to friends.
  • Listen to music while training. Bluetooth enabled earphones required sold separately.
  • The Garmin forerunner 645 monitor is a boon to athletes who want to get into shape before competitions. Keeping track of the length of their strides, balance and contact ground time. Heart rate and vertical ratio. You are able to compare your current progress against data of your sublime fitness level stored in the GPS unit. Remove the guesswork from ascertaining whether you have reached your top fitness level or even surpassed it. Best of all your accomplishments are shareable on social media via Garmin Connect App. Let family and friends share in your accomplishments further encouraging you to scale higher in your sports discipline.
  • Practical wristwatch design allowing you to train hands free strapped on your wrist. Weatherproof features allows you to train swimming without worries neither will your sweat damage the GPS device. It is encased in chemically enhanced glass sun readable screen face.

Enjoy uninterrupted 5 hours of music in GPS mode and 7 days in smart watch. Recommended retail price is $450 check it out at Amazon.

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Vehicle GPS

TomTom Trucker 620

tomtom trucker 620 wifi smartphone lifetime traffic maps update

The TomTom Trucker 620 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device for trucks. Wi-Fi smartphone enabled, free lifetime traffic and maps of North America. A GPS unit with the truck driver in mind. Designed for the convenience of the truck driver with truck routes and points of interest incorporated. A state of the art device Wi-Fi enabled with hands free calling.

TomTom Trucker 620 Pros;

  • The TomTom Trucker 620 is Wi-Fi compliant. Allows you to update the truck routes, traffics, maps of USA and Canada easily.
  • You get a virtual assistant by pairing the TomTom trucker 620 with Siri or Google Now apps. Enables use of smart voice commands. You can choose from several other apps apart from Google Now. For android users Nova Launcher or Action Launcher will give the same functionalities as Google Now used to give.
  • Hands free calling hand in hand with the Wi-Fi connectivity. This device makes it possible to pair your GPS unit to your smart phone.
  • Remove the guesswork from selecting trucking routes. Customize your GPS to your truck’s specific size, speed, weight and cargo haulage. The TomTom trucker 620 will select which are the safest routes to take from point of loading to destination.
  • Offer efficient trucking and delivery service. Planning your drive from the comfort of your smartphone using downloadable MyDrive TomTom app.

TomTom Trucker 620 Cons;

  • You have to create an account with TomTom to enjoy lifetime maps, traffic and weather updates.
  • In case the GPS unit does not get your settings correct consequently sending you on the wrong way are minimal. You will be advised to get in touch with TomTom tech service. Above all to have the issue resolved.
  • Hardships in setting up the TomTom GPS? Get in touch with tech support will assist you to have your devise up and running.

The TomTom trucker 620 6-Inch GPS Navigation device recommended retail price is $330 check it at Amazon.

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Vehicle GPS

Magellan Roadmate 6630T – LM GPS

magellan roadmate 6630t - lm vehicle gps dash camera

The Magellan RoadMate 6630T – LM 5” Car Vehicle GPS. Has inbuilt Dash Camera in a nutshell is an ‘AI’ GPS unit. What with all the intelligent specs packed in it. It is not only a driver assistant but literal third ‘eye’ that records every detail of the road trip. In case of an accident recordings are locked and saved for litigation’s.

The Upside Magellan RoadMate 6630T;

• Get free lifetime 4 times a year map updates for United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.
• Receive voice alerts of upcoming Traffic cameras by PhantomALERT. Informed when over speeding or driving close to the car in front.
• You have Driver Assistance Alerts both visual and audio such as time to take a rest. Switch drivers, approaching intersections or when leaving your lane.
• In the menu tab of GPS unit save your favorite shopping centers, filling stations, restaurants and lodges. Ideal if you spend long hours on the road. Engaged in your tasks where often enough nightfall finds you far from home.
• Have free video camera detached from dashboard. Film scenery, events that you come across while on the road. Full 1080p HD camera quality day and night picks video clips.

Downside Magellan RoadMate 6630T;

• There have been incidents of challenges registering the GPS unit a prerequisite in getting the map updates however contact tech support – 1(800)707 9971 for assistance.
• Challenges in the unit accepting the 64 GB memory card, the catch is use class 10 micro SD cards which are the most compatible with this GPS devise.
• Unfortunately the biggest drawback with all the pluses in the Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM is lack of voice commands. This Magellan GPS unit will be the envy of most state of the art GPS units had this feature been incorporated.

All in all when you sum up the pros and con the Magellan Roadmate 6630T – LM is a pretty decent vehicle GPS unit that motorists will love and find practical.

Retail reserve price. $129

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Boat GPS

Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap

garmin 010-01900-00 echomap plus 92SV without transducer 9 inch

It is time to head out to sea for another sporting fishing expedition. Interested in the prize winning Barracuda? The sea before you is overwhelmingly miles upon miles of endless vast blue waters. Introducing the Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap.

Features Garmin Echomap Plus

Downs on you that you require an able co-fishing ‘partner’. The Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap Plus 92SV to locate your prize winning fish. See the fish under your boat in clear definition. Separate them using Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomaps CHIRP traditional sonar targeted view. Scan the sides and below your boat in photographic detailed sonar images.


See submerged objects and structure of sea bed. View boat side fish using Garmin CHIRP SideVü. See images below your boat on Garmin CHIRP ClearVü mode.


Use the Quickdraw contours software to quickly map your chart routes as you fish. Recording personalized rich fishing grounds. You can share with the Quickdraw community on Garmin Connect™ or retain it for keeps. Get a combo navigation device with Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap Plus 92SV.

It’s GPS capabilities increase twofold by pairing it to the free ActiveCaptain software. Purchase and download new charts from ActiveCaptain’s OneChart. Access information on the community’s points of interest. Receive marina smart notifications.


Out for sea sports racing? Use the Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap’s SailAssist feature. Will provide lay-lines and course over guidelines. Enhanced wind rose and heading. Gain a competitive edge with start time. Race timer and virtual starting line. Bonus lay-lines data on a pre-race guidance page. Race in full confidence. You have the race half won with necessary tools.


Optionally add the all-seeing Panoptix Sonar transducer sold separately. View your lure and bait below your boat. See movement of fish swimming in real time. The Garmin 010-01900-00 Echomap Plus 92SV is a pricey navigational gadget. On a 9 inch bright sun readable touch screen display.

Retail reserve price $ 849.99

Price at Amazon

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Portable GPS

DeLorme AG-008727-201 InReach Explorer

delorme ag-008727-201 inreach explorer two way satelite communicator

A handy GPS device DeLorme AG-008727-201 InReach Explorer to have and comfort for the “daredevils” exploring the wild. More so when voyaging open seas or paragliding in the skies of the expansive Canyon ranges. Pinpoint your position with GPS coordinates. The elevation, speed sharing them with family and friends. Schedule your posts in programmed 10 minutes to 4 hours tracking intervals.

Enjoy universal global 100% coverage. It has a digital compass and barometer of note when mountaineering.

The clincher is SOS communication capability in face of an emergency. Delorme GEOS rescue monitoring center gives you comfort furthermore in isolated locations you are in contact with rescue center.

Rest assured of no gaps in connectivity and coverage globally with DeLorme AG-008727-201 InReach Explorer’s use of Iridium satellite network for GPS navigation 24/7 worldwide coverage.

1.8 Inch screen size and average battery life of 100 hours when fully charged has you covered for four days.

The downside you have to subscribe to a paid monthly to annual package in varying fees tailored to your specific requirements for you to enjoy the quality features and service that comes with the Delorme AG-008727-201 InReach Explorer SE Satellite Tracker.

Retail Reserve Price. $249.99
Price at Amazon


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Portable GPS

Suunto Traverse Hikers GPS

suunto traverse hikers gps navigation wristwatch

Enjoy the wilds with the Suunto Traverse in confidence. It is possible to retrace your steps in case the need arises. Explore the countryside for four days without losing your position. More so backed by Suunto Traverse 100 hour’s battery life.

Has a lithium ion battery. Sapphire lens and features especially suited for hiking and trekking.

Plan your trips chosen track guided by Topographic maps. Use Suunto’s integrated GPS and GLONASS navigation before embarking on your sojourn. Stay a step ahead prepared with sunset/sunrise alerts.

Be informed by suunto’s alarms of approaching storms. A pricey practical, simple, light easy to wear smart watch. A hand GPS navigation wristwatch for the backyards enthusiast.

Retail Reserve Price. $349.00

Price at Amazon

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